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Scale Rails of SW Florida Trainroom

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After buying a building the Club's new HO scale layout construction began in December 2003.  The first year of work concentrated on the upper level of the layout, which depicts the LA Division 1 of the AT&SF from San Bernardino to Victorville, Ca.  The second year of work concentrated on the lower level of the layout, which depicts the Joint Line from Pueblo to Denver, Colorado.  Also built was the staging level which lies below Pueblo on the Joint Line.

Progress photos have been posted through 2005.  After that the visible progress is not sufficient to warrant extensive photo coverage.  Photographs of significant models will be posted periodically. 

The picture to the right is of the San Bernardino Passenger Station, which was completely built from scratch, including casting of the windows and many of the other parts.  This model was completed in October, 2007.  It has not yet been judged.


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